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Tumi Morake opens up about Our Perfect Wedding


Tumi Morake talks Our Perfect Wedding

Comedienne Tumi Morake hosts Our Perfect Wedding, as you know. Which she took over from Phumeza Mdabe.

If you recall, Phumeza quit the show because it became too strenuous for her, and the time away from home and her family became too challenging, forcing her to leave the show.

Now, Tumi spoke with Move magazine and revealed similar challenges. Her case is a bit different, because she says she is managing because of the support and the understanding that she gets from her hubby and her kids.

“My kids are quite used to it now. They know that when I’m home, nobody else is as important as they are.” she told the mag.

Being a mom and wife can’t be easy, especially with the time that is spend away from home, doing the show. Tumi admitted that she too has those challenges, and that she has had to cut back on her other commitments in order to give Our Perfect Wedding the focus it needs.

“Unfortunately I’ve cut down on a lot of club gigs and I’m missing out on big shows,” says Tumi. But quick to add that the change has some good. “It’s also been a welcome break to gain new perspective,” she shared with Move.

Could this be the beginning of the end? Could she also be considering giving the show up to get her life back?

I guess time will tell!

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