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Tumi Vorster’s new job at Universal Music raises eyebrows


Tumi Vorster’s new job at Universal Music is said to be “dodgy”

Tumi Vorster's new job at Universal Music raises eyebrows


Tumi Voster has landed a new job, and some people are just not impressed. We all know Tumi from radio and Tv, but now, she has landed a job at Universal Music South Africa as Marketing Manager, and some people are just NOT impressed, Sunday Sun reports.

Some industry insiders have called her new appointment at Universal Music “dodgy”.

Tumi is super successful, especially for someone who is so young, which seems to be causing certain people to question the way she landed her new job.

“Look, the girl is a university graduate. But what’s worrying is that this job was never advertised. One day she just rocked up at Universal’s premises and was introduced as the new marketing manager,” a source who’s questioning the appointment said.

“She’s young and driven, but proper procedures need to be followed for appointments,” another source said.

Her appointment at Universal Music is also linked to  her having the right connections with two people who influence the decision making process.

“She’s made a success of her TV and radio career, and she needed a new challenge, so she went for a corporate job. Tumi always gives everything she’s got.

“I don’t see why her Universal job is making people uncomfortable – especially since she’s such a go-getter,” a source close to the situation commented.

Tumi first burst into the entertainment industry as a Yo!TV presenter, and her star just continued to shine brighter in the industry.

Congrats to Tumi on her new appoint at Universal.

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