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Tumisho Masha’s wife takes interim protection order against him


Tumisho Masha is accused of beating up his wife, and she takes interim protection order against him

Tumisho Masha and Zizobini Masha

Pic: Instagram

Actor Tumisho Masha is embroidered in a domestic spat and according to reports, he allegedly beat up his wife Zozibini Mtongana, kicked her in the stomach and pulled her by her hair.

Sunday World reports that his wife accused him of being an irresponsible father, a druggie and a drunkard, which angered the TV star Tumisho Masha.

Tumisho then responded by beating her up, and calling her the b**** word .

He is also said to have broken her phone, when she made an attempt to call the police.

When asked about the incident, Tumisho confirms that he and his wife are indeed having trouble in their marriage, and that he did break her phone.

He denies beating her up, saying that he is no woman or wife basher.Tumisho’s PR rep released a statement, saying that his wife took an interim protection order against him.

“Mr Masha is committed to resolving the issues at hand in the best possible way, for the sake of their daughter. He remains a committed father to their lovely daughter and regardless of how matters will unfold, his daughter will remain his top priority,” reads the statement.

We sure hope they work it out.

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