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Twitter Set to stop Counting Images and Links in 140-character Limit


Twitter To Stop Counting Photos And Links In 140-Character Limit

Twitter Set to stop Counting Images + Links in 140-character Limit

Pic cred: Reuters

You may soon be able to post more than 140 characters on twitter as the social media giant is set to stop counting images +links in 140-character limit, according to a Bloomberg report. According to the report, everything has been finalized and this will take effect in the next few weeks.

On a single tweet, links could be shortened to 23 characters and images could take up to 24 characters and that meant that when you start typing you would have not 140 characters, but 93(140-47) characters left which technically means an additional 47 characters to your tweet!

That’s quite a big leap for twitter since the 140-character limit is what sets the social media giant apart. Remember how this 140-character limit started back in 2006 when twitter was founded? Back then there were no smartphones and twitter had to limit its characters to 140 so as to fit the sms based platform.

But why the big shake up?

This change was bound to happen to happen sooner or later as noted from talks made earlier this year by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of twitter. Mr Dorsey had talked of plans to make tweets bigger and richer. There were even plans to increase the twitter limit to 10,000 characters for direct messages which elicited quite a lot of angry reactions from twitter users.

Mr Dorsey had also noted that some twitter users were capturing images of long texts and sharing them on twitter due to the character restriction and by expanding the 140-character limit, users would actually share more content and even be copy and paste words from tweets.

This announcement has also come at a time when the share price of the company has been dwindling with no new users and less engagement.

But this message is welcomed by most twitter users as they can now share more links and images and still have their 140 characters still left to type their messages.

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