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Umlilo Season 2 kicks off with a bang!

Umlilo departed with a Bang on Monday night

Pic: etv

Umlilo Season 2 is back on our tv screens, to the delight of the fans, picking up right where Season 1 left off.

Khwezi is seriously looking for revenge, now that she is Mrs Simelane, that plan is about to happen much quicker.

On Monday night, Season 1 started with the Simelani’s moving into a beautiful new home. No longer does Khwezi get her own house, they all get to live in the same house, which gives her better access to everyone.

And their plan to eliminate Dumile didn’t quite work out the way they thought. They were supposed to get rid of Dumile by messing up with the car, so that she would die in a car accident, and unfortunately Dumile didn’t die.

And now, they uncovered a new threat in Mqobi’s first wife Cebisile. They have changed their plan, to take her out first, seeing that Dumile is behaving because they have one up on her with her pregnancy scan.

And Mqobi and TK  . . . poor TK is being setup to take the fall should things go wrong.

The first episode of Umlilo ends as Cebisile drinks the poisoned aloe vera drink . . . and the countdown begins for next week Monday!

With new faces, setups and revenge, things are about to get turned up a notch!

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