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Unathi Msengana Confirms Split from Husband Thomas


Unathi Confirms Split from Husband Thomas Msengana

Unathi Msengana has confirmed during a TV interview on eNCA that she and her husband Thomas have split up. there had been rumours that  their marriage was in trouble, but up until now the couple had remained mum about the issue.

The couple have been together for ore than 10 years, and they are one of those celebrity couples that are extremely private with their private lives, choosing not to share much and keeping just about everything private.

In the interview Unathi said that her professional life and personal life are pretty separated, and that she rather her work speaks for itself, not get meddled with her personal stuff.

When asked about her and Thomas and the status of their relationship and whether they are still together, Unathi answered with a: “No, we are not.”

The couple have 2 children together, and they will always be family.

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