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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her 2016


Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

Valentines Day 2016

It is that time of the year when you want to explicitly express your love towards your partner and show her how much you care for her happiness. Love is not something you find, love is not something that finds you, but love is the smile on her face as a result of the little things you do. This Valentine’s, gear up and express your love in the most romantic ways as listed below:

  • Buy her a gown. She would love to wear a special gown on this special day which is specially chosen by you. Women don’t admit it, but they love to wear clothes of your choice.
  • Nothing is as pleasurable as pampering your partner. Book her a spa and be there to enjoy the same and see how the smile on her face widens.
  • Every girl loves to wear makeup so as to look their best in front of their partners. Buy a kit which has all the makeup essentials and see how she flatters you when she puts them on.
  • Recreate your favourite date with her. Take her to the exact location where you had your first kiss, or your first hug and spend the evening recollecting the memories of the two of you together.

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  • Surprise her with a meal specially prepared by you. There’s no reason why it won’t be special. What you make does not matter but how you plan it matters. It can also be a breakfast in bed (if the two of you live together).
  • Buy a mini notebook and write what you feel about her. You could also use this notebook to pen down 100 reasons why you love her and end by writing down some of her favourite lines from a song.
  • Watch the sunrise together. Yes, wake her up early morning to go for a drive and experience the sunrise together. You can also keep a note in the car which will get her excited for the rest of the day. This will fetch you brownie points.
  • Plan your personal film-festival. Select movies which the two of you would love to watch (or re-watch) and keep popcorns and her favourite ice-cream handy. Get ready to cuddle.
  • Book a photographer to shoot the two of you as you dine with her on a romantic set-up. Remember, candles and a bottle of wine is a must.
  • Put on your dancing shoes. If she’s the one who loves to dance, do the same with her on her favourite song.

Do whatever little you can do for her. Because the little things you do, never go unnoticed. Have a day full of love.

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