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Vuzu Rich Kid Nape Phasha is in hot water over car accident

Vuzu Rich Kid Nape Phasha is in hot water over car accident

Pic: Instagram

Vuzu Rich Kid reality contestant, Nape Phasha, is in trouble, after he was involved in an accident that left a biker dead. He is accused of fleeing the accident scene, which he has denied doing.

@Pigspotter tweeted that Nape knocked down a biker, and ran. He then sent out tweets to back his claims, as Twitter got angry on him ‘manufacturing’ the story.

@Pigspotter posted a picture of the car that was involved in the crash, as well the registration number and other details of the car. He also said there were 4 eyewitnesses who saw Nape before he ran off the scene.

Nape denies this though:

Police have confirmed that Nape was involved in the accident, but they didn’t confirm the story about him fleeing the scene. Nape is yet to release a statement about what happened.

There is even speculation that he was under the influence when the accident happened, but that is yet to be confirmed. A sample of his blood was taken, at the scene, TimesLive reports.

If guilty, nape could be in a lot of trouble! He faces culpable homicide!

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