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Ways To Make Your Girl Feel Special



If you want to be a great woman, then you have to be a great guy. Great women deserve to be with great guys, and if she knows her worth, she will not settle with just any guy.

There are ways to make her feel special, and beautiful. Here are some ways:

Ways To Make Her Feel Special

Make her feel beautiful

Sure, any guy can tell a woman that she’s beautiful, but making her feel beautiful is not just in the things you say. In fact, it lies more in the things you do. In addition to saying it, it’s in how you talk to her, it’s in the way you look at her and it’s in the way you touch her.

Be honest with her 

Honesty is a huge deal, and if you are honest with her, she will not only feel that you care and love her, she will know that you respect her enough to tell her the truth. Though it may be uncomfortable at times, she will respect you more for being honest with her than comforting her with lies.

Kiss her 

And this is NOT limited to her lips. A kiss on her hand, or on her for head , on her nose, on the cheek, these are all great. It shows that you appreciate other parts of her body besides her lips, and you know where, and when you do that, she will definitely feel great about it.

Do not compare her with other women 

Of course, every single one of us has a past, and of course you have been with other women. But the woman in your life should not have to deal with all that. You should not bring it up at all, and she should never have to think that being with you was some sort of competition because she is the “best” of the bunch. She should never ever be the “best girl”, she really should be the ONLY girl in your life.

The little things make the loudest noise 

Do not ever take the little things for granted, and they mean a lot to women. Sometimes, it’s really not about the expensive gift that you got her for Valentines day, it is remembering the little things, like making the time and the effort to be with her, just because she is going through something. Calling her to see how she is doing, making the effort to drive out and see her just because you can tell that she is not feeling the best. It’s the little things that count, and she will appreciate them.


This is a huge one. Sometimes when she is talking to you, she is not looking for advice or you telling her what to do, she is really looking for an ear that will listen. And if she talks to you, it mens that she trusts you enough to let you in.

Start your day with her

And end it with her. A good morning call from you will put a smile on her face. If you can’t call, a text to say morning and to wish her a great day means a lot. Also, before she sleeps, you can get in touch. This just tells her that you were thinking about her, and that she was the first and last on your mind. This will make her feel extremely special.

Give her a massage

This should not only be done for her birthday, and it should not just be for some occasion. If you want to make her feel special and that you care, do that for no apparent reason She will appreciate it a lot.

Making her feel special entails doing the little things.


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