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Create a free account to watch and vote for your favorite films on www.nukhu.com. NuKhu is a media festival and network created by a community of curators from around the world seeking unique entertainment. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ball in NYC, May 1st. Anyone can submit a Feature, Short, Music Video or Episode from a Series. Submissions are free for a limited time only.

NuKhu Members nominate their favorite NuVees & NuVee Links. On March 18th, 2016, the Top 10 NuVees will be announced as the contending nominees for the NuKhu Awards. NuKhu Reviewers select the winner in each category. The winners are announced on May 1st and will receive an award during a unique ceremonial experience. Nominees can win in multiple categories.

Some NuVees are free and some have a fee. Support our filmmakers by purchasing the required NuPoints to watch their NuVees. Some filmmakers enable “Incentivized Sharing” on NuVees, allowing viewers to earn back a portion of the NuVee price through social media sharing. Viewers can earn 1 NuPoint per Share. 1 NuPoint is 10 cents.

The NuKhu VOD Player streams worldwide and offers the ability to set privacy and territory geo-restrictions. The NuKhu partnership is a nonexclusive 50/50 revenue share in which partners who desire monetization can set a price for NuVees or make them freely available for any duration. Once viewers purchase NuVees, they have streaming access to them forever from their NuKhu account. Partner earnings can be withdrawn at any time.



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