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What is Snapchat?




Today, pictures are no more a mere souvenirs of memories to be captures and saved for times immemorial, but have also become a way of talking and putting your message across. These message and talk pictures barely require any saving. Catering to this demand, is a very popular mobile app, Snapchat which facilitates sending and receiving of photographs and videos which self destroys itself within one to ten seconds. The photographs and videos taken through this app are referred to as snaps. A caption or a doodle can also be added to the snaps which you have the option to share with one, some or all of your friends.

In spite of the ease, many are left completely bewildered by the app. Snapchat is particularly popular among teenagers. Launched in 2011 for both iOS and Android devices, the app is a fun way to send the meal pictures, funny poses and expressions and hordes of other fun means of remaining connected with friends and families.

Children above 14 years are eligible to use this feature rich app which basically has 4 screens: – the camera interface, the list of past conversations, the screen for watching people’s Snapchat stories and the Discover Screen which shows videos and articles from various media partners.

How Snapchat Works?