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What the Next Version of Google Glass Looks Like


Google Glass

The Google Glass device went trending when it was released by Google. Its initial Explorer Edition did not hit the stores after Google refused to turn it into a consumer device. They have decided to revive the device and are anticipated to release Google Glass 2.0 soon. This new version is currently known as Enterprise Edition is targeted for work places in the corporate, healthcare, manufacturing and training industries. It is being worked on by Tony Fadell as Project Aura.

The Enterprise Edition does not look so different from the Explorer Edition. The new features of Google Glass 2.0 are faster WiFi , an Intel Atom Processor, improved heat management, Hall reports, better hardware, waterproof design and a larger glass prism. It is reported to have 5GHz WiFi for video streaming and on the glass, it will have an attached external battery pack.

The biggest improvement to come with Google Glass 2.0 is that it will be fold able. It has a fold able hinge and will be easier to put it in the pocket unlike Explorer which has to be put in a case. We can’t wait for its official release!

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