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When Siblings Disagree


siblings_fightingLately I have had to have long talks with my siblings, about how unhappy they are about the family, and how things are done.

It is clear that things are a bit strained, and of course in a family like mine or in most people’s families, it’s impossible for everyone to be completely happy about everything.

I was reminded how every single one of us feels like others have benefits, or that they are loved more than the others. Personally, it’s a thought I don’t even want to entertain, just because I know my parents.

I know the sacrifices they had to make for each one of us, and I know the love that they had to give to each one of us.

I have come to the point where I just listen when my siblings call, because having a proper conversation becomes emotional, uncomfortable and draining.

Sure, my parents are not perfect. But are there perfect parents out there? H*ll, is there even a perfect human being out there?

All I know is that, I haven’t always agreed with my parents, and I am sure there are certain things I do that they aren’t happy about.

That is life.

So what happens when the very people I am supposed to be close to and united with are pulling me in a totally different direction than what I want? My siblings and I are not on the same page, and this is how I deal with it:

I try to listen and understand

I try my best to listen, to understand and put myself in the other persons shoes. I try to understand that my situation may have been different from theirs, or that I experienced something else or that they chose to focus on something completely different to what my focus was. In the end, I think it’s better to disagree and agree to not be on the same page. It sure beats being stressed about the situation.

I choose to hold on to what I know to be true

As I said, maybe my experience was not their experience. So, I choose to hang on to what I know to be true. I was right there, I may not have seen everything but I saw it, and what I did see can only make me grateful.

I choose you see the good and let go of all else

In life, we are confronted with both good and bad, and it is our choice to decide what kind of world we want to live in- good or bad. Anyone can choose to be unhappy and to be miserable.

But then again, there’s another choice, the one where things are good and they work out for the good. That’s where I choose to spend my time.

I can’t go through my life sad and bitter, or carry the hurt. I choose to let it go, to embrace the beauty and to give people a second chance.

I choose love, and I choose forgiveness and I want to continue to be a better human being than what I am now.

Compassion will dwell in my heart. . . I choose that!

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