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Why She Ended It – Why She Decided to Break Up With You


why she broke up with you

Reason Why She Decided to Break Up With You

Breakups are hard, and they make us feel like crap.

I wrote this article not to make you feel more like crap, and not to lay the blame on you, but to share some of the reasons why women decide that certain relationships are not for them.

Maybe you are one of those people who have had a relationship end, without understanding fully why it ended. This article is for you, and for every person who is still wondering why she ended it, why she decided to say goodbye.

Most often than not, relationships end not because of one reason, it is normally because of a few different reasons that make a woman decide that she has had enough. Possible reasons include:

You are Still Too Close to Your Ex

Some people like hanging around their exes, or befriending them to the point where a new girlfriend might question the nature of the relationship/friendship. This is not a nice spot for any woman to be in, because of the obvious connection that you will still have.

If you are going to insist to have your ex in your life, then make sure that your current girlfriend knows exactly what’s going on, and make sure that she is ok with it. Don’t ever make her feel like you are hiding something from her, or that she has a reason to be jealous.

If your ex and you are just genuine friends, your actions will confirm that to your girlfriend.

You Don’t Prioritize Her

Sure, you are allowed to have a social life outside of your relationship. However, when your friends start becoming too important to you, to the point where she takes a back seat, when you start cancelling plans that you have with your woman to accommodate your friends, then at some point it will look like you don’t care about her.

Just because you are in a relationship does not mean that you are not supposed to have your friends, however, if you keep on cancelling on her, it is bound to hurt her and make her think that you truly don’t care about her or how she feels.

You Are Too Apathetic

Unlike women, a lot of guys find it hard to express how they feel. But, if you are in a relationship with a woman who you care about, you should want her to feel awesome and know the love that you have for her.

Every single person who is in a relationship wants to see their partners love for them, so if she is constantly wondering why you are not showing affection, that might be a place of concern for her. Don’t make her wonder why you aren’t showing her affection. If you want to be with her, show her and express it. Women love to know how their man feels about them.

You Are Too Possessive

Like you, your woman needs to have a separate life outside of you. She still needs to have her family, her friends and her career.

Yes you love each other, and you may want to know where she is and who she is with every second, however, acting like a possessed guy is out. Sooner or later, she will end up feeling like a caged animal, and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

You need to give her space to spend time with those that she needs to spend time with, her family and friends, this way, she will even end up missing you.

You Complain a lot When it Comes to Money

If you care about the woman in your life, you should not always insist on splitting the bill every time you guys go out, and you shouldn’t complain about doing things for her. Now, I am not saying you should spend all your money on her, but now and again, you should make her feel special and spoil her. Doing so does not mean that you should break the bank, just small beautiful gestures are enough to let her know that you care. Your woman makes her own money, it’s not like she needs yours to do the things she needs done.

She’s with you because she loves you, not for any other reason. You will end up losing a great woman, if you do things that hurt her over and over again.

If she’s a keeper, then step up and show her you appreciate her, or someone will do it for you.

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