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Only YOU Have the Final Say


Whether you want to succeed or you want failure, it is really all up to you to decide the things that you want. The power to become what you want to be is up to you, every single day you choose it. Every moment gives you a chance to be what you want to be and to go where you want to go, and no one can make that choice for you.

We all look forward to tomorrow, and the future and we envision it as bright as we dream it will be. But tomorrow has no guarantees, the guarantee is today. Tomorrow has not been given to you, the only time you have is today. The only time you have is right now!

It is the only time that you have control over. It is the only time where you can choose what to do and how to do it, you can choose your attitude and no matter what life throws a you, you can choose how to finish.

You can choose to make that moment count, or you can choose to discard it and make it mean nothing. Whatever you choose, you will have to answer to it someday.

We can never go back to a time or a moment and make it more meaningful. Whatever life throws at you, you can choose to be happy, you can choose to see the good in it and you can decide to appreciate it.

It is all up to you, so decide to make the right choice. Decide today how you want your future to be. Decide today and make a decision that your future self will love you for tomorrow.

Go out there and be the very best that you can be! Make it count!


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