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You Will Get Through It


You will get through today, you will get through this month and you will get through whatever you are battling with. In the end you will still be standing, and you will be stronger and you will have learned valuable lessons.

Things may seem dark right now, but you have what you need to navigate through it. You have what it takes to survive and emerge an even better person. It might be hard, it may be uncomfortable but you are pushing forward, let every step that you take move you in the direction that you want to go!


Do not let fear get the better of you, do not let it keep you where you are. Keep moving, keep growing and keep evolving. Whatever you are going through, you are going to get through it. You are so much bigger than it is!

Sometimes we give ourselves excuses as to why we cannot take the next step, sometimes we come up with all the reasons in the world, as to why we cannot move forward.

If you are going to entertain those excuses, you will simply get left behind and in time, you will be filled with regret at all the time that you will have wasted.

Life has obstacles that we all need to jump through, and you will be able to handle them and get through them. In time, you will have no fear, the struggles will pass and you will be in a much better place.

The fear, the worrying, the anxiety and the hesitation will be proven wrong, because after everything you will still be standing, you will have made it!

You have survived everything that you had to face until now . . .  and you are still standing!

Keep pressing on . . . the sun will shine again and you will emerge stronger than ever before!

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