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Zoe Mthiyane dishes up on split from fiancée Lebo M


Zoe Mthiyane openes up and dishes up on split with fiancée Lebo M

Zoe Mthiyane dishes up on split with fiancee Lebo M

Pic cred: Chris Moagi

Zoe Mthiyane has opened up about her broken relationship with Lebo M

Last week, we learned that Lebo M and fiancee Zoe Mthiyane had called off their engagement, and decided to part ways. It came as a shock to many, as the couple welcomed their baby in June last year, and Lebo M got on one knee to propose to his woman.

It was revelaed last week that their relationship had deteriorated after Lebo brought in the idea of a prenup, which Zoe didn’t agree with.

On speaking to Sunday Sun, Zoe says that she was dumped via an email that was sent via his assistant.

“I was cc’d in the email that I would be moving out – and I should return the car and engagement ring.”

She also said that Lebo didn’t pay ilobolo, as he didn’t believe in it, as well as inhlawulo. “And [he] used to say he lived in the US and didn’t believe in lobolo and paying things like inhlawulo (damages).”

She also says that she was a trophy wife, and she wasn’t allowed to work.

“I was like a trophy wife to him. I started seeing a different side of Lebo M that I was never comfortable with.”

“He changed from the man I once fell in love with when I was in Australia. He’s a great guy and a good lover, but when he flips he’s a different person,” she told Sunday Sun.

“He’s a great guy and a good lover, but when he flips he’s a different person. Lebo’s broken. No one can fix him apart from himself,” she added.

Neo Mothlala, who is Lebo’s spokesperson, had this to say: “Custom requires a woman’s family to approach the man’s family to announce a pregnancy out of wedlock – her family has failed to approach the Morake family, despite a very public pregnancy and engagement.”

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